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[fic] Love Triangle 
31st-Jul-2007 05:28 am
zero grrr

Pairing: Kusano x Tegoshi , Massu x Tegoshi
Genre: Fluffy-tee-floo-flaaa
Rated: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Tegoshi, Massu, OR Kusano (i wish)

Chapter one: Notti

"Ah~ Kawaii~!!" Tegoshi took his friend, Kusano, shopping out of boredom. The friend was dressed up in a darkish jacket, a pink shirt for the inside, black belt, and blue jeans.

"Why am I dressed like you?!"

"You don't like it?" Tegoshi pouts at the comment Kusano gave on his style.

"It doesn't suit me at all!!! I'm more fit for hip-hop-ish clothing!!! Hip hop!!! Not girl clothes!!!"

"Girl clothes?"

"Yes!!!" The 'older' boy cries from such surprisingly 'harsh' anouncements. The friend, noticing what he said hurt Tego's feelings, simply half-hugged him, placing an arm around the crying beauty. "Ah, Gomen nasai. Please don't cry." His voice changed from an angered Donald Duck to a calm, concered whisper, as if acting to be the older one of the two.

"You really think my sense of style is....is too girly?" Tegoshi wipes off the tears on the corner of his eyes as he looks at his friend.

"Nahh. They suit you anyways," Kusano comforted Tegoshi. Without hesitation, Tesshi, embraced his friend. Kusano paused for a moment, but decides to return the affection. I'n the dressing room, Kusano looked at the mirror. It looked like a boyfriend comforting his girlfriend from emotional crisis. After looking at the reflection, and unintentionally imagining things, his stomach had an ill feeling. He slowly pushed Tego away.

"Uhhh... I need to get dressed into my clothes now."

"Ok, I'll be waiting outside~!" It's been five minutes and Kusano hasn't finished dressing up. He left his friend with nothing but concern. "Kusano? I'm coming in!!"

"Eeek!!! Get out!"

"But we're both guys!!!"

"You're not!!--- I mean.... It doesn't matter!!"

"What's taking you so long?!"

"It's the damn belt!! I can't easily let it go through the loops," still struggling to get the belt from the first loop.

"Well then, I'm going to help, ok?"

Whatever I say, nothing works!! I told him not to come in!!! Geez...give me a break..

"Oh. You're still in the first one?"

"Yea...." The young boy feels like a child unable to tie his shoes. He looks down to hide his embarassment.

"Here, I'll lend you a hand"

No thanks! I'm half naked!! Ugh.... I should have put my top on before this creep barged into the room---

Kusano could feel his friend's hand on his skin. Shocked, he holds his breath for more than 30 seconds until he realized that he wasn't a mudskipper. "Ano......"

"Hm?"God... With him talking like that, I can't possibly say 'I'm fine, get out!!'

"Nothing," Tegoshi is currently making his way around his friend's waiste. It was too weird for Notti. He didnt know how to beak the news to Tego that it was too awkward.

Crap... If I tell him I feel uncomfortable, he'll probably think I'm a pervert for thinking about it!!! ...And knowing him, his girl side might pop out of nowhere, and slap me!!! Nooo!!! My face!! *cries* I only did him a favor by putting on those overly-mixed-gender clothes!!! ....And this is how it ends!!! *worried*

From the back, Tegoshi tries to take the belt off from the last hook. In the mirror, it's as if Tesshi was clinging onto his waiste. AHHHH!!! Does this guy know what he's doing?! It's like he has no sense of being friendly to being plain AWKWARD!!!

Suddenly, a familliar voice pops up. "Uhhh is anyone in this room?" Right after the sentence, the 'accidentally' unlocked door Tegoshi forgot to take care of, was flung open.
 It was Massu.



0_0 What a way to end a Chapter!!! >_< Hahaha! Sorry XD I didn't add Massu much in this Chapter, did I? He only appeared here for like 0.00000001% of the time LOL


I did this out of boredom.... so it's not that great  good XD HAHAHA

Chapter two: "What?!?!"

Massu's feelings:




Creeped out



"Are--" Tegoshi himself looked shock, but that all changed with the sudden smile he put on his face. Tegoshi hugged Massu, leaving Kusano inside, paralized in fear of misunderstandings. Kusano was still looking back at Massu with the same exact blank look as he had the first second Massu came.

". . ." Both the oldest and youngest boys were still, not moving. Only the one hugging Massu recovered from the incident.

"Massu~ ..Can you help Notti get the belt off? My hands are sore from pulling and dragging," The boy looked down at his friend who's still clinging onto him and then set his eyes at the younger boy in the dressing room. He then went to his friend, Kusano, to help him out.

Massu pulled on the belt with too much force. With Massu's brutal strength, the jean's hook almost ripped off. The belt on Massu's hand was shoved at Kusano. "Ouch!" The belt hit Notti on the stomach and left a red mark.

"Gomen ne~" Massu said insincerely. He gave Kusa the Death Glare.

In confusion, he looked at Massu.

Gackk!! Just 'cause Tegoshi is the "princess" of the group...!! Gosh Massu!! Don't have to be so overprotective! It was Tegoshi's hands wrapped aroung MY waiste afterall!!!

Then he looked down, seeing himself half naked.

Ohh.. So that's why I became the victim

Tegoshi went up to Kusano, and kneeled down in front of him to look at the red mark. "Gomen," he whispered. "I think Massu is in a bad mood.."

Yea... ya better be apologizin'! It was your fault to begin with!

Tegoshi touched the red mark. Kusano, being one of the most ticklish person in the world, almost cracked. He tried to hold his breath to try not to talk. Massu, outside of the open dressing-room, turned back. He could see everything. To the older boy, the image he was seeing was that Tegoshi was touching Kusano. Now he looked at the boy standing, he seemed comfortable. It angered Massu.

"I have to go now....."

"Ah, bye Masssssssuuuuuuu~!!" Tegoshi waved happily.

"Can I please get dressed now??"

--in the building were NewS was to attend---

Tegoshi, being the first one in the room, decided to jump on the first person to come. He was bored, as usual.



Tegoshi hopped onto the second-to-arrive boy. It was Kusano.

"What the heck d'you think your doin'?!"

"Aren't you surprised?"

"Hell yeah! What's wrong with you?!"

Kusano sat on the chair on the corner of the room. He took off his jacket and made into a pillow, put it against the wall, and layed down on it.

"Kusano!! Wake up! Why're you sleeping??"

I couldn't sleep yesterday night!! I was afraid Massu would kill me, of course! Tch. Baka.

"I didn't sleep last night."


"Just because...." Kusano's voice slowed down. Tego poked him ten times on the face, but he didnt move. He didn't like the fact that he was alone, not talking to anyone else. Bored. He got about five more chainrs and lined it up next to Kusano. After doing so, he dragged the sleeping Notti onto the chairs to give him a better position. There. Kusa was lying down. Tegoshi immediately got tired from the pushing, carrying, and dragginf that he became sleepy as well. Too tired to carry more chairs and line them together like Kusano, he plainly layed himself down ontop of his friend.

"Ahh~ Sooo..... com...forta... ble," Tego mumbled.

Five minutes have passed, and Kusano kept moving on the stable chairs. It's been his tenth time trying to move in one minute. He got frustrated and slightly opened his eyes.

Hmmm... so warm. I like this feeling. Am I just dreaming or is it like someone is ontop of m---

"Ahhh!!" Kusano's voice could be heard throughout the whole building. Tegoshi sat up in a second, rubbing his eyes like a little girl.

"Notti~ What is it?"

"IT's you!"

"What did I do?" Tegoshi tilted his head in confusion.

"Listen you!"

---Meanwhile Shige and Mass with the other members following them--

Massu looked to the side. What was that? Someone... Someone's scream?

"That's weird. I wonder what they were doing.... So Tegoshi's arms were around him, and Kusano was half naked...?" -Shige-

"Yeah...." Massu says, looking back at the boy next to him.

"Very suspicious... The two youngest of the group are dating?---"

"No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Massu interrupted.

"Chill, Massu." What's with him? Shige thought.

--Kushi-- (Kusano & Tegoshi)

"Don't do what you want so freely! It's kinda uncomfortable, ya know!"

Shocked, Tegoshi stars to tear, embracing Kusano on the neck. "These are the things I'm saying not to do!" Kusano lectures Tesshi. All Tegoshi does is cry on his shoulder more.

"Uhhh... Umm... -sigh-" He puts his hand on Tego's head. "It's ok. I take it back." 

What's with this atmosphere?! Whenever he cries, I end up right where I started!!! 
Kusano couldn't move backwards to stop the hugging so he decides to push Tegoshi away. OH no! There was a mini-plant-vase there. Tesshi slips pulling Kusano with him; his arms still wrapped around his neck.

*door opens*

"What?!!" Massu exclaims, staring at the two boys on the floor. The sound echoed in all parts of the room. Shige realized what he was looking at. Slowly, his own eyes widened at the sight he was looking at.





lol >_< I just HAD to this.... for some reason XD Forgive my lack of intellectual words... XD I'm still a noob to this.... Again, SORRY >_< heehee Tego x Massu fans, please don't hunt me down XD I'm trying my hardest to include Massu into the story more ^_^'

17th-Aug-2007 12:16 am (UTC)
Oh my... that's interesting. Kusano (I miss him so that's really nice to read about him too!), Tegoshi, Massu and even Shige! *_*
"But we're both guys!!!"

"You're not!!--- I mean.... It doesn't matter!!"
LOL XDDDD Hahaha freudian slip! >D And Massu is jealous and I totally understand. I'd also be. Hm, I'm waiting for more MassuTego <3
btw, thank you for adding me to your f-list! *hugs*
17th-Aug-2007 01:36 am (UTC)
*hugs back*
LOL No problem ^_^ Thanks for reading my post ^_^ I haven't posted the other chapters here... Should I? LOL I love posting in Massutego. LOL
17th-Aug-2007 01:37 am (UTC)
I also changed the one in Massutego. LOL I proofread it. FOR THE FIRST TIME. Hahaha! I hate reading things I wrote again.
17th-Aug-2007 02:42 am (UTC)
I hate reading things I wrote again. aaah! I think I know what you mean. Though I don't mind reading what I wrote just RIGHT after I write sth but when it comes to read fics/stories which were written about few months ago I feel so embarassed? O_o' And then I have 'how could I show it to anyone' period XDDDD
17th-Aug-2007 05:19 am (UTC)
I think you're fictions are great ^_^
I was actually about to post a comment about one of them lol I will, after this reply xD
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