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[Fic]~Every Fangirl's Dream Come True~ Chap 2 
28th-Aug-2007 01:37 am
zero grrr

Title: ~Every Fangirl's Dream Come True~
Pairings: YOU X JE
Rated: Pg-15
Genre: Comedy and other stuff
Chapters: Unknown. 3 so far
Choices: I'm going to make a limited amount of version of who you can end up with
Summary: Hikari = YOU
As Hikari watches the videos she loves with all her heart, she notices that shooting stars are now falling. Taking each and every opportunity to get her wish, she decides to make one on the stars showering above. What she didn't realize was... from the moment she glanced at the stars and made her wish, her journey began. Slowly but surely, her wish came true the next morning where she found herself sleeping in a different house!!! She soon becomes surrounded by a whole bunch of kind boys; and what better way to describe them as... JE/JJE!!!

Chapter 1:  


Chapter 2: Journey for the Water

". . ."


". . ."


Oh man, this is the worst.

"Uhh.. yes? Um.. I think I should get my other shirt. Is it hot in here? Uh.. Uh... I should be going now, right? Yamada-kun...uhh sorry for the trouble... I'll be going now." Yuto's voice was more hyper than usual. As he walked outside the door, he scratched his head; he was shaking.

"Yama...da-kun?" The boy named Yamada Ryosuke was still staring at the bed, jaw hanging, and eyes blank. Hikari got closer to him, waving her hands near his eyes to see if he was paying attention. No, he was petrified. "Umm... sorry! Please forgive me if anything in that accident offended you! I'll do anything!" Of course, she didn't know what she was saying. She was as blank minded as Tohru Honda from the anime, Fruits Basket.

"*snaps out of it*A-anything?"

"Yes!!!" She didn't know what the boy had in mind.

"Alright. Well, I'm sorry to ask of this, but the person who was supposed to massage me couldn't come--"

"I'll do that for you! Is that all?"

"Who knows..." Yamada says in a whisper. He looked down, smiling.

Wait, what did he just say?


They went to a dressing room, and sat on the couch. He silently pointed at the bottle she was to use in the massage. The room was silent.

"Um... which part do I....massage?"

"The back."

"Ok" He was sitting on the couch inside the dressing room while she sat on couch's back.

I wonder what Yuto-kun is thinking. I hope there isn't any mistunderstandings blossoming around here. Huh? Wait, what am I massaging again? It seems a bit abnormal. It's too soft. *looks down* IT'S A PILLOW!!! *looks around* Where's Yamada-kun?!!

"If your looking for me, I'm right here." He said softly against her ears. He was behind her, with his arms crossed. Slowly, she turned her head, angle per angle. "Your massage was patterned. I was thinking that maybe... something's bothering you?" *Tantei Gakuen Q mode*

". . . 0_0"

"What is it?" He hugged her from behind, brushing his cheek against her hair.

Uhh.. I can't breathe. OMG. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg. This reminds me of Ryo... But wait!! He isn't Ryo, he's RyoSUKE!!! Yeah... this is all a trick, right? Yes... a trick, a trick, phew.

He turned her around to where she was facing him and kissed her. It wasn't an ordinary "Hey, feel better, ok?" kind of mood though. It was something more, but less than what normal relationships would do.

............................................ WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?!?

"I uh I... I gotta... UMMMM... I gotta get some freash air."

"I can give you that *laughs*"

"Water! Yes, water too! ^_^' I'll be sure to get you one, promise!!"


"What an interesting girl... *nods*"


She was running so hard, she couldn't see anything her way, not even the famous idol walking horizontally from where she was headed.



"I'm sorry!"


Who did I bump into? Well... whoever it is... Nice shoes. *idiot*

"It's ok. What were you hurrying for anyways?"

Who is this person?

"*looks up* Oh- Kame-san! Umm.. water."

"Water? It's over there! Not here." He pointed were it was "In that room, there's the tank thinggy or whatever you want to call it. There are cups near it. I'm pretty sure it's not that uncommon for someone not know how to use it. The first time I showed you where it was, you spilled loads of water, and everyone slipped 'cause they didn't read the sign you put: 'WET,' of course, who would have noticed a sign that was wet on the floor?" He kept blabbing. "Even Koyama and Shige fell from that puddle you made.."

"Sorry for that, and thank you!" She interrupted.

"---She's something alright."

"Cups, water, cups. Where was it again...?"

"Hello? Anyon--"Speaking of Shige and Koyama, what the heck are they doing?! Why are they sleeping on the same couch?!?!?!! Is this how the couple started in Ruledaworld's Wife Corners?! This is bad! By the time you know it, they're going to have a bunch of kids under care of Koyama's blind mom!!! 

While she was looking through the door, Chinen and Daiki were near her, playing with a bottle cap, kicking it to each other. "SHHHHH!!!"

"What're you looking at?" -Daiki-

"Go... save yourselves!! This is something bad! They might notice you guys! GO!!!"

"I want to see!!" -Chinen-

">:[" -Hikari-

"Yes! Chinen and I would like to see what's going on!"


"Woah!!!!!!!!" -Chinen-

"Chinen, you're too loud!" -Daiki-

"Both of you are loud!!" -Hikari-

"All of you are loud." -Koyama- He walked lazily as he peeked through the door Chinen, Daiki, and Hikari were looking through.

"Dai-chan, Chii, run run!!!"

"Yah! We'll get you later!!!" Shige said as he was standing up.

Hikari tried to run, but before she could, Koyama grabbed her by the arm. "You...didn't happen to see anything, RIGHT?"

"Uh--No! Of course not!!"

"Good. But I think that's up to what WE think." He dragged her by the arm, but she pulled off, screaming.

"Good job, Koyama. You let her get away." Shige said while rubbing his eyes.

"It's ok. I think I know where she's headed, and that's far worse than what we were going to do."

"Huh? Oh... *looks at the clock* She's late, and she's still going there? What a brave girl."


*Pants hard*

"I- uhhh... EVERYTHING IS SO UNEXPECTED!!!" *cough cough*

"I can fix that cough for you."

"0_0 Ni---nishi..."

"You're late."

-----To be continued-----
XD This is where the older more popular guys come in xD LOL one more chapter til u can choose who to end up with ^_^ but therll be more chapters thts y its going to b hard on me xD

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