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[fic-editted vers]Love Triangle 
28th-Aug-2007 03:46 am
zero grrr

 Chap one: Notti

"Ah~ Kawaii~!!" Tegoshi took his friend, Kusano, shopping out of boredom. The friend was dressed up in a darkish jacket, a pink shirt for the inside, black belt, and blue jeans.

"Why am I dressed like you?!"

"You don't like it?" Tegoshi pouts at the comment Kusano gave on his style.

"It doesn't suit me at all!!! I'm more fit for hip-hop-ish clothing!!! Hip hop!!! Not girl clothes!!!"

"Girl clothes?"

"Yes!!!" The 'older' boy cries from such surprisingly harsh anouncements. The friend, noticing what he said hurt Tego's feelings, simply half-hugged him, placing an arm around the crying beauty. "Ah, Gomen nasai. Please don't cry." His voice changed from an angered Donald Duck to a calm, concered whisper, as if trying to be the older one of the two.

"You really think my sense of style is....is too girly?" Tegoshi wipes off the tears on the corner of his eyes as he looks at his friend.

"Nahh. They suit you anyways," Kusano comforted Tegoshi. Without hesitation, Tesshi, embraced his friend. Kusano paused for a moment, but decides to return the affection. I'n the dressing room, Kusano looked at the mirror. It looked like a boyfriend comforting his girlfriend from emotional crisis. After looking at the reflection, and unintentionally imagining things, his stomach had an ill feeling. He slowly pushed Tego away.

"Uhhh... I need to get dressed into my clothes now."

"Ok, I'll be waiting outside~!" It's been five minutes and Kusano hasn't finished dressing up. He left his friend with nothing but concern. "Kusano? I'm coming in!!"

"Eeek!!! Get out!"

"But we're both guys!!!"

"You're not!!--- I mean.... It doesn't matter!!"

"What's taking you so long?!"

"It's the damn belt!! I can't easily let it go through the loops," still struggling to get the belt from the first loop.

"Well then, I'm going to help, ok?"

Whatever I say, nothing works!! I told him not to come in!!! Geez...give me a break..

"Oh. You're still in the first one?"

"Yea...." The young boy feels like a child unable to tie his shoes. He looked down to hide his embarassment.

"Here, I'll lend you a hand"

No thanks! I'm half naked!! Ugh.... I should have put my top on before this creep barged into the room---

Kusano could feel his friend's hand on his skin. Shocked, he holds his breath for more than 30 seconds until he realized that he wasn't a mudskipper. "Ano......"


God... With him talking like that, I can't possibly say 'I'm fine, get out, dammit!!'

"Nothing," Tegoshi is currently making his way around his friend's waiste. It was too weird for Notti. He didnt know how to beak the news to Tego that it was too awkward.

Crap... If I tell him I feel uncomfortable, he'll probably think I'm a pervert for thinking about it!!! ...And knowing him, his girl side might pop out of nowhere, and slap me!!! Nooo!!! My face!! *cries* I only did him a favor by putting on these overly-mixed-gender clothes!!! ....And this is how it ends!!! *worried*

From the back, Tegoshi tries to take the belt off from the last hook. In the mirror, it's as if Tesshi was clinging onto his waiste.

AHHHH!!! Does this guy know what he's doing?! It's like he has no sense of being friendly to being plain AWKWARD!!!

Suddenly, a familliar voice pops up. "Uhhh is anyone in this room?" Right after the sentence, the 'accidentally' unlocked door Tegoshi forgot to take care of, was flung open.
It was Massu.

-------------to be continued------------------

Uhhh... I tried to put Massu in the fic a lot? (excuse) LOL He'll freakin' show up more!!! later... LOL

Tegomass or Kusego? (lol so lame... kusego??? lol)

Chapter 2: Belt Attack

Massu's feelings:




Creeped out



"Ah--" Tegoshi himself looked shock, but that all changed with the sudden smile he put on his face. Tegoshi ran and hugged Massu leaving Kusano inside, paralized in fear of misunderstandings. Kusano was still looking back at Massu with the same exact blank look as he had the first second Massu came.

". . ." Both the oldest and youngest boys were petrified, not moving. Only the one hugging Massu recovered from the incident.

"Massu~ ..Can you help Notti get the belt off? My hands are sore from pulling," The boy looked down at his friend who's still clinging onto him and then set his eyes at the younger boy in the dressing room; he went to his friend, Kusano, to help him out.

Massu pulled on the belt with too much force. With Massu's brutal strength, the jean's hook almost ripped off. Massu shoved it at Kusano. "Ouch!" The belt hit Notti on the stomach and left a red mark.

"Gomen." Massu said with the deepest voice he could let out at the moment. He gave Kusa the Death Glare.

Hironori, in confusion, looked at Massu.

Gackk!! Just 'cause Tegoshi is the "princess" of the group...!! Gosh Massu!! Don't have to be so overprotective! It was Tegoshi's hands wrapped around MY waiste afterall!!!

Then he looked down, seeing himself half naked.

Ohh.. So that's why I became the victim

Tegoshi went up to Kusano, and kneeled down in front of him to look at the red mark. "Gomen," he whispered. "I think Massu is in a bad mood.."

Yea... ya better be apologizin'! It was your fault to begin with!

Tegoshi touched the red mark. Kusano, being one of the most ticklish person in the world, almost cracked. He tried to hold his breath to try not to talk. Massu, outside of the open dressing-room, turned back. He could see everything. To the older boy, the image he was seeing was that Tegoshi was touching Kusano. Now he looked at the boy standing; Kusano seemed comfortable. It angered Massu.

"I have to go now....."

"Ah, bye Masssssssuuuuuuu~!!" Tegoshi waved happily.

"Can I please get dressed??"

--in the building were NewS was to attend---

Tegoshi, being the first one in the room, decided to jump on the first person to come. He was bored, as usual.



Tegoshi hopped onto the second-to-arrive boy. It was Kusano.

"What the heck d'you think your doin'?!"

"Aren't you surprised?"

"Hell yeah! What's wrong with you?!"

Kusano sat on the chair on the corner of the room. He took off his jacket and made into a pillow, put it against the wall, and layed down on it.

"Kusano!! Wake up! Why're you sleeping??"

I couldn't sleep yesterday night............... I was afraid Massu would kill me, of course! Tch. Baka, but it's not like I'm gonna tell you that. You won't understand.

"I didn't sleep last night."


"Just because...." Kusano's voice slowed down. Tego poked him ten times on the face, but he didnt move. He didn't like the fact that he was alone, not talking to anyone else. Bored, he got about five more chairs and lined it up next to Kusano. After doing so, Tegoshi dragged the sleeping Notti onto the chairs to give him a better position. There. Kusano was lying down. Tegoshi immediately got tired from the pushing, carrying, and dragging; he became sleepy as well. Too tired to carry more chairs and line them up together like Kusano, he plainly layed himself down ontop of his friend.

"Ahh~ Sooo..... com...forta... ble," Tego mumbled.

Five minutes have passed, and Kusano kept moving on the stable chairs. It's been his tenth time trying to move in one minute. He got frustrated and slightly opened his eyes.

Hmmm... so warm. I like this feeling. Am I just dreaming or is it like someone is ontop of m---

"Ahhh!!" Kusano's voice could be heard throughout the whole building. Tegoshi sat up in a second, rubbing his eyes like a little girl.

"Notti~ What is it?"

"IT's you!"

"What did I do?" Tegoshi tilted his head in confusion.

"Listen you!"

--Meanwhile Shige and Massu with the other members following them--

Massu looked to the side. What was that? Someone... Someone's scream?

"Soo... Tegoshi's arms were around him, and Kusano was half naked?"

"Yeah...." Massu says, looking back at the boy next to him.

"Very suspicious... The two youngest of the group are dating?---"

"No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Massu interrupted.

"Chill, Massu." What's with him? Shige thought.

--Kushi-- (Kusano & Tegoshi)

"Don't do what you want so freely! It's kinda uncomfortable, ya know!"

Surprised, Tegoshi starts to tear, embracing Kusano on the neck. "These are the things I'm saying not to do!" Kusano lectures Tesshi. All Tegoshi does is cry on his shoulder more.

"Uhhh... Umm... -sigh-" He puts his hand on Tego's head, pretending to be the senpai. "It's ok. I take it back."

What's with this atmosphere?! Whenever he cries, I end up right where I started!!! 

Kusano couldn't move backwards to stop the hugging since a chair was there, so he decides to push Tegoshi away. OH no! There was a mini-plant-vase there. Tesshi slips pulling Kusano with him; his arms still wrapped around his neck.

*door opens*

Massu slowly looked at the two boys on the floor. "WHAT?!" The sound echoed in all parts of the room. Shige realized what Masuda was staring at. Slowly, his own eyes widened at the sight he was looking at.

-------------------to be continued-----------------------------
lol >_< I just HAD to do this.... for some reason XD Forgive my lack of intellectual words... XD I'm still a noob to this.... Again, SORRY >_< heehee Tego x Massu fans, please don't hunt me down XD I'm trying my hardest to include Massu into the story more ^_^' Hmm.... Well.... I hope Tegoshi ends up with Massu? lol

Chap 3: Misunderstandings Begin.

Kusano quickly stood up, brushing off his clothes. "Err... I can explain"

Massu immediately went up to Tegoshi. "Tego..... What happened? Are you ok?"

"Uh.. I'm fine." Tegoshi gives a sudden glance at Kusano who was staring at Shige.

"Ano... Shige?" -Kusano-

Shige shook off his stoned face. The rest of the group bumped into him.

Good. They didn't notice.

"Kusano.....What were you---" Shige asks in concern.

"I didn't do anything!!!"

Massu helped Tegoshi up, and sat on an individual seat. The atmostphere surrounding the sitting boy was dark. No one could possibly go near him in that state, except...

"Massu~" Masuda felt someone sitting on him.


"You don't have to worry. It was an accident."

"Oh it was, huh?" Kusano looked at Tegoshi with the face that says "thank you."


The rest of the boys weren't paying any attention to the duo. Shige was talking to Kusano while Koyama was accompanying Ryo, Uchi,and Yamapi with a magazine. Out of nowhere, Tegoshi kissed Massu. Massu, startled, widened his eyes. Shige suddenly turns at an angle, witnessing everything.

"You already know I like you the best, right? You didn't happen to forget, did you?" He asks, still close to his friend's face.

"Ah." The boy sitting down, stared at his shoes. He blushed crazily. After half a minute passed, he felt someone embracing him from the neck. It was obviously Tegoshi. He was sitting on him face to face with the older boy, arms wrapped around Massu's neck, and his head on the older male's shoulder. He was sleeping.

Was he really sleeping?

Massu stared at his friend, sleeping on his shoulder with his head tilted, his nose barely touching the crook of Massu's neck. He couldn't help but touch Tesshi's lips with his fingers.


Everyone left. They were taken to the meeting all the members were originally going to, but Massu and Tegoshi were told to stay behind. Shige insisted on telling them what it was all about afterwards.

"Uhh..." Tegoshi groaned. He tightened his hug. KKKKUHH I'm choking!!

"Massu~? Where's the rest of......the people?" His voice was slow. Tegoshi leaned closer to his friend.

"Uh... they went to the meeting already." Don't lean any closer!! We might fall! I should have picked a better chair -sigh-

"What?!" Tegoshi leans back, his hand holding onto Massu's shirt. With half of Tesshi's effort, he jerked his friend to the back of the chair.

Kami-sama. This is what I feared v_v

From Tego's force, they both fell.


"Ah~ Gomen!" Tegoshi bumped into Massu's head... HARD, but he didn't care about his own self, and asked Massu about the bump on his head. "Are you ok?" Tego blew Massu's bangs off of it, and touched it with his hand.

He could see that the "injured" friend squinted his eyes in a way to say "ouch." In a meantime, he kissed the spot. He knew it was his fault after all. Massu opened his eyes with a questioned look.

"Ne, ne~. Let's go to karaoke, ok?" -Tegoshi- Massu flopped on the floor, pinning Tegoshi down so he could get up.

"Fine." Tegoshi tugged on Masuda's jacket. What?! You mean now?! "...but it's dark out."

"Let's go!!"

"Ok. ok"


"Ah~ We're finally here!!"


"Here. Here!"

"I'm gonna get a drink. You better not leave!"

"I won't~~!!" Tegoshi was searching madly to find the right song to sing. He finally found it! All he had to do was wait for Massu.


"Wha-- You only bought one drink...?"


"I'm thirsty too~~!!"

"Well, I don't have another straw!!"

"Then I'll drink on it," Tegoshi said with a demanding tone.

"No, that's sick!!"

"Ugh, you think I'm sick?!"

O, we would be having an indirect kiss, wouldn't we?! -blush- No, no, no, no. Never going to happen!! But..... earlier today... didn't he....

"Errr... you can have it."

"Really?! Arigatou!"

--half an hour later--

Damn... He still has that juice.

Masuda licks his lips to keep it wet. It was drying up fast in the thought of Tegoshi and his former juice. The older boy couldn't help but to stare threatingly at the drink.

"Ne, ne~ Massu~... Do you want some?"

"Emmm... No."

It's too weird!

"Hmm...Fine... I see were this is going..." Tegoshi drank a lot from the cup, holding it in his mouth. Slowly, he swallows it, making Massu jealous.


"O-- you're kinda drooling...."

"Huh?? No, I'm not!!!" Massu wipes his mouth off, and turns around when suddenly, Tesshi kissed him. The petrified boy's lips burned like crazy, but he noticed that his lips tasted like the beverage he was having before. ". . . . . . . . . ."

"EW. HOMOS!!!" A young girl was running through the hallway, seeing the idols with the opened door.

"HOMO JANAI!!!" Massu turned around, his face all red. The little girl looked behind her as if someone was chasing the unknown child. She started running for it.

"Hey, give it back, kid!!! That's my money, dammit!!!" There were two boys now standing infront of their room.

"Massu?! Why's your face red??" The shorter boy asked.

"Could it be that....................." Shige?! Kusano?! Crap, this can't get any worse....

---------to be continued------------

I need help!!! I have no frkin clue how to end this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Oh Oh!!! I know!! I know!! Hahaha!! LOL it's gonna be a twisted ending, then lol

Chapter 4: Karaoke Maniacs

"Ano...." Kusano says unsure.

"What were you guys doing?"

"Well... The drink... and karaoke... and Tegoshi... And that's it."

"What are you saying?"

"Look, Shige, it doesn't matter... Do you want to join us?"

Kusano gave Shige a no-nod, from the back. He didn't want to end up alone with Tego again.

"Sure, we'll stay, right Kusano?" Shige smirked at his friend.

Shigeaki, dammit!!! I never thought you were this evil!!!

Starting from the left, it was Kusano, Shige, Tegoshi, and Massu. Kusano wanted to be as far away from Massu as possible, away from the unpredictable Tegoshi, and as close to Shige to shield himself away from the two other freaks.

"Mou~ buy us some drinks!!" Kusano whined.

"Buy yourself some!!" Massu replied.

"Didn't you hear me shouting?! That bratty girl stole my money!!!"

"Here, here. Kusano, I'll give you money, go ahead."

"Aigatou~ Shige"

--Massu with a new drink Kusano bought him--

"Ok, back to the point," Shige announced randomly. "What were you guys doing with one drink, one straw, a girl calling you homos, and a red face?"

"Sugoi~," Tegoshi exclaimed. "You observed so much!! Ah!! So smart!"


"I need to surpass you!" Tesshi interrupted.

"Ok, but--"

"What books are you reading? Mysteries?! I'm sure it'll be helpful!"

"I'll show you the books, dammit! Just answer my question!!!" Everyone stopped drinking. Shige was usually calm (unless trying to study) and to yell at the little princess of the group...it's a bit odd.

". . ."

"Were you guys...doing something...private?" -Shige-

Tegoshi and Massu spit out the bevarege they were having.

"HUH?!" The two guilty partners asked in fear.

"HEY! Watch it!!! -spits juice- I'm not even in this conversation and yet you spit on me?!" Kusano furiously stated.

"Masuda....Come with me outside." Shige says... rather "formally."

--Tego and Kusano--

Kusano was wiping his soaked shirt off with his hands, pretending to be busy. He didn't want awkwardness to flow through the room again. Faster than he could say "Private Hearts," Tego was right next to him.

"Gomen," Tegoshi bows, sitting next to his friend.

"It's ok," Kusano pats his 'sempai' on the head, trying to be the older one of the room. Tesshi searches through his pockets and finds a handkerchief, handing it to his friend. "Nahh. You don't have to, really. You were just shocked, right?"

Tegoshi suddenly start wiping off Kusano's face. It was weird. Kusano's face started to get red.



"Why's your face red?"

"I-it's probably b-because of the beverage color...."

"Sou ka~. . . . . . . .Are you going to change clothes?"

"I don't have any. I just have to bear with this sticky cloth."

"I have something you could wear!!!!"

Crap... Girl clothes? I'm not wearing any tank tops, that's for sure!!

"No! It's not girl-cosplay clothes, Notti... I know what you're thinking. The set I brought along with me is actually pretty boyish."

Tego took out a matching set of top out. It was a white short-sleeved shirt with what seems like a checkered shirt without collars, put ontop of it; it's sleeve style is "ripped" ,and a thin darkish scarf is added to finish off the match.

"Woah! Sugoi!!!"

"Isn't it?!" The two youngest members hugged each other like teenage girls finally finding a boyfriend. "Uh. EWW!! Get away from me!! You're still sticky!!"

"Ah-- Gomen... Hontouni, arigatou!!"

"No problem. Now, go change fast!"


--Massu and Shige--

"What's going on between you and Tego?!"

"There wasn't anything going on!!!"

"Ohh yea?! I bet you two kissed like in the waiting room!!!"

"What?! How'd you see that?!"

"Everyone could have seen it!!!" Massu put his hand to his lip, trying to remember the scenery at that time in the waiting room.

--Kushi--(Kusano and Tegoshi= Kushi)

"Ah~~ Done changing--"

"Kawaii~!" Tegoshi embraces him. "You look like a girl in guys' clothing!!!"

You're one to speak >_<

"Ehhh?!" Kusano says horrifically.

"A girl! Even your expressions are ones of a girl! Kawaii~!" Kusano blushed in the arms of his sempai. His bangs hid his eyes.


"Hai!! Notti-chan!!' He squeezed his younger friend.

ACK!! I'm slowly dying.... Eeek! . . . . . . "Eek?" I am turning into a girl!!! -cries-

---Massu and Shige---

"OH!!! I remember something. . . Tegoshi told me--" *murmur*

"AH~ No wonder!! That doesn't explain about you though." Shige said quite loud.

"Well....I get pissed seeing Kusano misunderstand. Hmm.. But I think I'm misinterpretting something too. I just don't know the explaination."

"Hmm... Well, I'll play along too. Heehee.." A smirk aprears on Shige's face as he looks down, trying to hide his evil laughter.

"W-what d-do you mean?"

"Ohh you'll see. You'll see." Shige laughs in a bitter way, eyeing Massu from the corner of his eyes. It was scary.

He's plotting something, I know it. But what will he do...?

--------to be continued----------


wt do u think will happen now...? LOL mwahahahahahahha!!!


Chapter 5: Mischievious Shige

--Shige and Massu--

What's Shige thinking....I wonder.

"Don't misunderstand, Massu. Everything I do is all planned."

"Huh?? Don't tell me..--"

"I just want to see Tegoshi's reaction. If he doesn't react, I'll know if you're lying or not."

"Uh-- Fine.."


"Hey, Tegoshi."


"Doesn't this checkered thin..... 'hoodless jacket' remind you of the other one in the dressing room?"

H-hai." Tegoshi tries not to look at Kusano. "But doesn't this look better?"

"I like both, but I'd rather have the one I have in the dressing room."

"S-sou~ ka."

--Shige and Massu comes into the room--

"Konnichiwa minna-san!!" Shige said in a happy-go voice.

"Huh?? Shige, what's up with you?" Kusano asked.

"O-- You don't like me being happy?"

"Well, erm.... uhh.... Of course I want you to be happy?"

"That's right!" Shige sits next to Kusano wrapping his right arm around Kusano's shoulder. "I see you've changed clothes... Did someone help you out?" Kato stared at Tego from the corner of his eyes.... giving Tesshi an evil vibe.

"Um... Tego gave me clothes to wear."

"I see.... It looks great on you." He stares at Kusano and then at Tegoshi. Massu's mouth was opened wide. He couldn't believe what Shige was doing.

He is going way too far to just get Tesshi-chan's reaction!!! "Tesshi-chan?!" What am I thinking?! Damn my dirty mind!!

Shige completely wraps both of his hands around Kusano, breathing on his ear. He constantly stares at Tego for more reactions.

"Daisuki da yo~, Kusa-chan..." Kato gets closer and closer to Kusano's face. Hironori can now feel his friend's breath reaching his skin.

Shige blushed as he did this. He couldn't stand it anymore. All he did was kiss Kusano's cheek and drag Massu by the hand outside the door again.

--Shige and Massu--

"Fine! You weren't lying, MA-SU-DA!"

"Told you........ I told you." Massu shakes his head, acting like a sensei. "Hey, do I get free food for not lying?"

"NO!! Wait.... But why would Tegoshi go as far as a kiss?"

"He said it was an accident..."

"Ohhhhhhh... Naru hodo." Shige puts on his glasses for...DRAMATIC effect.

"I didn't know you bring your glasses in your pocket... It could get smashed, you know."

"Shut up!!"



"Hmm...?" He's calling me Kusano?? That's odd. He usually calls me Notti.

"What was that between you and Kato-kun...?"

"Uhhh... I think we both know that that incident was only between Shige and Shige himself."

"ohhhh... really?" Tegoshi says, quite unsure.

What's with Tego and Shige?! Are they coming on to me or what?!

--Kassu-- Kato and Massu... (im so lame xD KASSU??)

"Ok... Now I'm gonna check for the two other's reactions....This'll be interesting. HAHAHHAHHAHAH!!!" Shige starts to dial a phone number.

"Dude. We're in the middle of the hall. Could you keep it down? It's kinda embarassing."



"We're back!!"

"Shige, why do you guys keep going to the bathroom??"

"The bathroom?? We were never at the bathroo--" Shige punched Massu on the stomach.

"Yeah, seems like Massu needs to go to the restroom a lot." Shige's evil smirk appears.

"But.... aren't you the one that drags him out?" Tego asked curiously.

"Ehh... Well... I can tell... This freak," Shige pats Massu's head, " this freaks is holding it in."

"EWWW!!!" -Kusa- "That's gross!! When you feel like it, just go!!! I can't believe Shige has to drag you!"

Shige: Good... Kusano is an idiot. Now for Tegoshi..... I don't know if he is buying it or not. He has that uneasy look on his face. I guess I have no other choice. I have to make my move.

Shige suddenly grabs Massu by the collar and pushes him on the table. Kusano couldn't bear anymore gayness in his life; he covered his face. Tegoshi only stared at the two "couple." Shige now makes Massu lie down on the table.

"Etto...." Massu interupts the silence, "Shige.... What the heck are you--" Kato puts his finger on Massu's lips.

"Shh.." Masuda's eyes widened.

What the heck is he thinking?! He's turning gayer by the second! I'm getting scared of this. Wait, is THIS the plan?!

Shige gets closer to Massu's face, ontop of him, over the table. The next thing Masuda knew, Shige's cheeks were touching his, breathing on his ear. All Tegoshi really did was stare. Kusano is now behind Tesshi, hiding from Shige's mysteriously awkward actions.

In this position, Massu could barely speak a single word but he managaged to breathe out, "E....ck...Te...go..shi....help...me"


"Help me..."

"Uhhh....." Shige got off of Massu. He was now heading for Tegoshi.

"Ahh.. Eeek!" Kusano squeeled as he moved as far away as possible from where Tegoshi and Shige was. Kusano, at first, was hesitating to tap Massu, but after his fear wore off, he dragged him to the corner of the room, behind a plant.

"Tegoshi...." Shige put his leg on top of Tegoshi's while wraping his arms around him, practically claiming Tesshi as his own.

"Hm?" Tegoshi: unaffacted.

"Do have any feelings for Kusano and Massu? If so, who would you pick?" Kusano pushed the pillow he was hugging away, and forced himself to look at the two people sitting down on the couch. Massu, infront of Kusano, peeked from the fingers covering his face.

"Why would you ask that?"

"Hmm... I was only wondering."

"Well........." Tegoshi tried to say what he wanted to, but there was a sudden black out.

"AAhhh~~!" Massu screamed. He was known to be scared of a lot of things.

"Massu?" Tegoshi says worriedly. Someone suddenly touched Tegoshi's neck with their icy cold drinks. "AHHHHHH!!!"

"Tego? Massu? What happened?! TALK!" Kusano yelled. He didn't want anything bad to happen. Suddenly, someone hugged Kusano from the back. "AHHH!! WHO'S THERE?!?!"

"It's me...Kusano."

"Tegoshi? What happened?"

"Someone...Someone... scared me."

"Is that it?! Where's Massu?!"

"I don't know" Someone now embraced Kusano from the front.

"ACK! stop with the clinging!! You two are older than me!!"


Shige runs out of the room. "Heehee.. Nice job, Koyama."

"Why did you call me to request for electricity-shut down in that room?"

"Hmm.. well, it's a long story. All I'm saying is that I want to watch the show from the front seat. *smirk* This should be interesting."

--KuShiMa-- (Kusano x Tegoshi x Massu)

"Ok, I'll be right back. I need to see what happened, ok?" Kusano tried to slide himself out of the circle, but the hugging just got tighter. "Ugh fine. Massu, could you please call your sister for a ride home or did you bring a car?"

"Uhh.. I'll call." -dial-

"Tegoshi, you don't have to embrace me, even Massu got over his fear." Tegoshi wouldn't move. "Oh god, you're sleeping aren't you? What a pain."

"Onee-chan? Etto... could you pick us up in the karaoke place Tegoshi and I always go to? Huh? The car is filled with work?? Wait, so you can only give a ride to one person? ME?! What?? What about my friends? Ugh... Fine." -hangs up-

"What happened?" Massu looked down, ashamed. "Hey, it's ok. I'll just carry or wake Tegoshi up or something."

"NO! If you wake him up.......something terrible might happen to you." Kusano is shocked at Massu's statement.


*knock knock*

"Oh, that's probably Onee-chan....Bye bye"

"Bye."What do I do now...?

--------------to be continued-----------------

HAHAHHAHA!!! I told you the ending isn't going to be figured out THAT easily xD lolz this one isnt as funny, huh? shige's evilness wore off too.... xD lol

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Hey girl :) I´m waiting for another chapter to come sooooo loooong! Please continue, I love this story :D
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oops, sorry xD
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I'll try to continue xD
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