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tegoshilove's Journal

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I'm just an average girl living an average life.
I am not interested in what normal people are interested in. Though I'm not Japanese and live in America, I became obssesed with the Japanese culture. These days, I'm watching J-Dramas, anime, and listening to J-pop!!! I know it may sound crazy, but I only watch the dramas JE are in! XD Hmmmm.... Drawing is one of my hobies. *random...crickets* After high school, I'm planning to pack my bags and live in Japan! Pshh... Like that's ever going to happen. >_< I have to wait 'til college. There is like 5% I'll be able to learn a huge amount of Japanese by the time I graduate from high school. XD WELL.... I'm a fan of Tegoshi ^_^ Woot! lol I also admire Shun Oguri and Yamapi for such great acting skills!
Blah Blah Blah.... I'm not gonna talk all day about myself, what about you? o_O