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[fic] ~Every Fangirl's Dream Come True~ 
28th-Aug-2007 12:49 am
zero grrr

Title: ~Every Fangirl's Dream Come True~
Pairings: YOU X JE
Rated: Pg-15
Genre: Comedy and other stuff
Chapters: Unknown. 1 so far
Choices: I'm going to make a limited amount of version of who you can end up with
Summary: Hikari = YOU
As Hikari watches the videos she loves with all her heart, she notices that shooting stars are now falling. Taking each and every opportunity to get her wish, she decides to make one on the stars showering above. What she didn't realize was... from the moment she glanced at the stars and made her wish, her journey began. Slowly but surely, her wish came true the next morning where she found herself sleeping in a different house!!! She soon becomes surrounded by a whole bunch of kind boys; and what better way to describe them as... JE/JJE!!! 

Chapter one: Hikari in Wonderland

As Hikari goes through the internet, she does her usual "JE Marathon." After watching NEWS' Teppen, she hears through the television, "AH~! Shooting stars!!! They're everywhere!!! Go out your house and make a wish now!"

The girl rushed out the balcony to climb the rooftop, and looks into the shining stars flying across the sky. "I wish...I wish I could have JE/JJE members surround me 24/7." A long pause arroused as she closed her eyes in hoping her wish would come true in the future. "Nahh...Like that could ever happen, right?" The young girl climbs down back to her balcony and stares at the stars once more, sighing in disappointment. "Only someone with such great luck can have their dream come true."

"HMMMMRRRRAHHH~!" Hikari yawned as she tightened her hug on the pillow she was holding. *squish squish* "H...huh?" *squish squish* She couldn't help but crack open an eye. "EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!"

What am I doing here?! Will I get sued?!?! Ah!!! Where's my house?!

"Hmm..." The boy hugged her in his arms. He talked slowly. "You're so loud. Keep it down a bit...I'm so tired." She tried to pull away from her awkward position, but couldn't.

I am sooooooooooo busted... Might as well talk to him, right?

"What... are you doing? 0_o"

"What? I'm SORRY. *sarcastic* Am I doing something wrong again?!"

"Uhhh... no."

"Good! What do you want, then?"

"Akanishi-.......kun? How did you-- I mean... how did I end up here?"

"Huh...? Do you have short-term memory or something..? And I thought I was the one called Bakanishi... Weeeell.. I found you...here and there... we became friends...," He was obviously still sleepy, "And then... and then... you needed a place to stay in... *yawn* I offered... and you accepted... and... since I have no other room OR bed, we just shared... I remember agreeing to put on pajamas instead of just underwear... You picky brat *suddenly irritated*"


"Ah-- Gomen. I didn't know...Umm... don't you have work?"


Yeah... THAT'S why they call you Bakanishi.

*infront of Jimusho*

"I-Is that....?"

"Yepp. It's where I work... Seriously, did you get brain damage? Everything seems new to you suddenly."

"B-but why am I coming to work with you?"

"Well... You ALSO work here... unless... you want to walk."

"Sou~ ka-- Wait, WHAT?! I WORK HERE?!"

"Duhh... Your an important staff member!!" He tried to kiss her on the cheek like what he 'usually' does, but she suddenly turned around, making him kiss....something else "Bye."

WTH. Is it ok if I stay...like this? NO IT'S NOT! I'm late!! I want to meet everyone!

"0_0 Uhh... I think I should be going now *nervous* Ahhhh!!! BYE!! SEE YA!!"

OMG!! IS THIS A DREAM!? *pinch* IT'S REAL!!!

*runs to the building*

"Wow. She's fast."

------------in jimusho----------------------


Huh? Who--- that sounds like..


YAY! Someone fun to be with!

"Ohayo~!!! I see Akanishi-kun got you late again. I hope nothing happened last night 0_o"

More like... right now X3

"Uh--- No nothing at all ^_^' "

"Good. Well, I've got a photoshoot to do... umm could you help me with the poses? Apperantly, I have to jump on this bed and do some kind of pose."

Awesome! I get to help out! Is this my job? If it is, it's sooo much fun!

"Sure! I'll be glad to help!"

Yuto went on the bed, already dressed in the pajamas he was to wear when the photographer comes.

Whaaa!!! He's holding my hands!!! Uh! It's embarassing how my hands are probably hot from my nervousness, dammit!!! I hope he doesn't notice!!

"Hikari...san? Your face is...rather red. Are you okay?" He placed his hand to her cheeks and then the forehead.


"AH--!! I'm fine! It's ok! ^_^' "

"Ok then... 1 2 3 JUMP!!!"

Together, they jump on the bed, both performing different poses for the little Nakajima boy to use. It was awkward at first, but it soon became as fun as ever; like best friends in a sleepover.

*knock knock*

Before the person outside of the room could enter, Hikari, from the shock of hearing that someone was about to come in seeing her and Yuto together, tried to bounce off the bed, but an unexpected twist came up. She ended up landing on a pillow, slipped, and accidentally went over the boy next to her. The door opened.

Oh my gawd. Am I doing what I think I'm doing? This.... is.... ok, right? NO IT ISN'T!! This is bad!!! I should stop this right away!

Seconds pass and she finally opened one of her eyes. "Uh-- ah-- I-- Um-- I'm-- SO SORRY!" She bowed in disbelief.

I can't believe this is happening to me!!

The reccently-turned-14-year-old-boy sat up with a blank look on his face. Slowly, he touched his lips.

Damn!! I hope he doesn't notice? OH WHO AM I KIDDING?! OF COURSE HE NOTICED! Why else would he be touching his lips?

Hikari turned to an angle, seeing the person from outside come in already. ". . . . . ."

"Ah-- Yamada-kun!!" Her head heated up in fear. "W-when did you come in?"

----to be continued----
I think I'll make a seperate for which one you want to end up with later xD thers a whole bunch of stuff ^_^ but the choices start after chap3

31st-Aug-2007 04:47 pm (UTC)
Haha! This is really cute! XD *reads more*
1st-Sep-2007 07:51 am (UTC)
thank you for reading ^_^
1st-Sep-2007 04:59 am (UTC)
Ah, what a dream...
1st-Sep-2007 07:52 am (UTC)
Hope you liked it ^_^
and thanks for reading
22nd-Jan-2008 03:38 am (UTC)
Aww, this is really cute. I like the plot. XD Every girl's dream come true. :D
I wish that could actually happen >o
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