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[fic]~Every Fangirl's Dream Come True~ Chap3 
28th-Aug-2007 01:56 am
zero grrr

Title: ~Every Fangirl's Dream Come True~
Pairings: YOU X JE
Rated: Pg-15
Genre: Comedy and other stuff
Chapters: Unknown. 3 so far
Choices: I'm going to make a limited amount of version of who you can end up with
Summary: Hikari = YOU
As Hikari watches the videos she loves with all her heart, she notices that shooting stars are now falling. Taking each and every opportunity to get her wish, she decides to make one on the stars showering above. What she didn't realize was... from the moment she glanced at the stars and made her wish, her journey began. Slowly but surely, her wish came true the next morning where she found herself sleeping in a different house!!! She soon becomes surrounded by a whole bunch of kind boys; and what better way to describe them as... JE/JJE!!! 

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Chapter 3: Shocker

"Umm.. late for what, e-exactly?"

"Late for me."

"You? Why? Do I have an appointment with you?"

"Yes. Everytime I have work, you always have to come to this room at 2pm."


"Jin told me you've been acting funny 0_o. You go here... because of something we always take care of, even if it's just for a minute."

"WHHHHHAAAAT?! This is insane! I just need water!!!"

"Oh really?" He got closer to her, pinning her on the lockers surrounding them. "It's...insane?" He blew on her neck, making it moist, then rubbing it with his lips. Nishikido made his way up the girl's face. He is currently at the corner of her lips, making it to the center. Bingo. "THIS is insane? Well.... you're not doing anything about it. It actually seems like you like it, am I right?"

"Yes.. I mean--- NOO!!! This is soo... UNREAL!"

Unreal? wth am I thinking?

"Unreal? You think the kiss is unreal? Yeah right *smirk*"

*ryosuke flashback*

"I-I need to find the room with the water... C-can I go now?"

"Maybe you can, maybe you can't, but one thing's for sure, I know where it is."

"Really?! Where?!"

"Ya gotta do what I say first..."

6_6' I knew it wouldn't be easy going through him.

"Be a good little girl now, and open wide ^_^"

"Uhh NO!"


"Stop bossing me arou--""


"Heehee... an opening."

"I'm... Only... Doing... this 'cause... of the... water lo...cation. Don't... flatter yourself."

"Me? Shouldn't you be the one to flatter yourself?"

"What... I meant was... Don't think you can boss me around.... everytime."


"Now.... Where's the water?"

Grr... What's wrong with me?! I actually like this?? NOO!! IDK. Maybe... Ugh curse my dirty mind!!! I need that water! I promised!!! But... I kinda don't want to stop. ^3^

Ryo broke off the kiss. "The water, right? The tank thing Kame always uses? I'm surprised you don't know where it is... When you go outside this room, you walk to the left, and in the second room you see to your right contains that tank. If I gotta draw you a map, it'll cost more *laugh*"

As much as I'd enjoy that *weird*, I can't right now xD I gotta get water!!!!

"I can manage. Thank you." *plain kiss*

I can't believe I just did that *runs* Ohh well... It was an opportunity anyone would've taken.

"Did... she just... do what I think she did? *smile* I knew it. She liked it, didn't she?"


"Water~ Water Water~! Go outside... walk to the left... two doors to the right... second room holds the magical water everyone likes~ ^_^"

Finally found you!

"Wate---" 0_0

"Huh? Hikari?"


Oh dear lord. Don't look at his lips.... damn Ryo for even METIONING IT!!! Grrr!!

"I mean... Yamashita-.....kun"

"Are you mad at me? You usually call me...Yamapi."

"Oh-- I meant Yamapi."

Damn. The whole name thing is really annoying! I'm only guessing what "I" usually call everyone. Now he probably thinks I hate him or something.

"Were you singing?"


"Heehee.. That was one weird song! ^_^"

". . 0_0"

"Are you sure you're not mad at--- Wait, you just got here from the locker room, right?"


"Was Ryo-chan there?"0_o


"What were you guys doing *looks at watch* for one hour?"

"Uhh.. I was late."


"No, he was fairly nice."

Psh... like Ryo could be nice......

"Good. *door moves*"

Uchi looked at Yamapi as he slowly opened the door with a dark atmosphere.

"Uchi-san?" -Yamapi-


"Why are you hiding behind the door?"

"I DON'T KNOW!!! WHY WERE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT RYO-CHAN!?! RYO-CHAN~~~~!!!" *tantrums and runs off*

"Is there such pairings as Ryo x Uchi?"

"Nope. It's a one-sided love....but it's not love-love that Uchi feels. More like Bro/Sis, but really close ones.

"Hmm... I see. What about you and Ryo?"

"Why do you care about Ryo?"


"I-it's just that... I t-think there's way too many fanfictions of you and Ryo."

"Ok, in those fanfics, who's usually the girl?"


"Damn. I should've seen that coming."

"Well... IS there such thing as RyoPi?"

"That's what they call us? This sucks."

"Hello? can you hear my question?"

"'IS there such thing as RyoPi?' Why don't you find out for yourself if I'm gay or not? I'm pretty sure you've seen Ryo in his non-gay mode. What about me? Are you...unsure?"


Don't stare at his lips... Don't stare at his LIPS!!! x3 Whhaaaaaa!!! STOP looking at his lips!!!

"Why are you staring at---" Hikari covered her face.

"Uhh.. I'm not staring at anything." -Hikari-

Long pause.

"C'mon. Look at me."


Yamapi was doing kissy faces.

"Whaaa!!!" *covers*

"So THAT'S what you where staring at, huh?"

Why did he have to notice?!

Yamashita made his way closer to the tormented girl sitting accross him.

"It's ok..." He whispered in her ear, teasingly.

". . . . . ."

"You don't have to be afraid of the truth." He slowly took off her hands from her face. And...

I can't breathe...

Yamapi stepped back, waiting for something to heppen. Hikari's face was apple red; anyone could have noticed. Her mouth was opened, trying to say something, but couldn't.

"You know.... or atleast, you SHOULD know, that whenever you get water from this room, YOU have to pay a price to whoever is in it. For once, Jin's right about you not remembering anything."

He set his head on her lap, staring at her red, blank face above.

"Kon kon." *sigh* "Are you still shocked?"

"Ano sa~"

He bent his head down, aiming for the lips and lifted her face up instead of her current position.

 I don't think I deserve this.... x_x But too late! ^_^'

She used the fact that they were kissing and took advantage of it by slowly leading it to where the water tank was. He could see perfectly fine where she brought both of them, but didn't stop her. That WAS what she came in for after all.

"Two cups? Who's the other one for, Ryo?"

"You mean... Ryosuke."

"You?? And him?!"

"Uhhh... nothing's going on, really..."

"B-but ugh fine." This time, he kissed her hardly.

GOD. Damn this. Do really have to leave? u_u

"Um... I... Gotta... go deliver.."

"My baby? *laugh* I know, I know." He stood up properly and headed out the door just like her. "I'll catch you going in this room, again!!!"

"Phew. I thought I could never resist."




Why... Why is he...


-------To be continued----------

dun Dun DUN!!!! >:P *cough* your not a slut xD *cough* These miracles just happen to you. ^_^ Remember, "Take each opportunity you get," JK

x3 chu~ yay! after this, it's time to choose... and i gotta write more >:D

28th-Aug-2007 07:46 pm (UTC)
i wanna be that girl! getting kissed partically by every J.E. guy! XD
29th-Aug-2007 03:07 am (UTC)
Hahaha! But you ARE that girl ^_^
Didn't you read the summary?
It said Hikari=YOU!!
lol You're lucky ^_^
29th-Aug-2007 04:12 am (UTC)
oh really? yay!
29th-Aug-2007 05:57 am (UTC)
Hehe Well, I hope you liked it xD
29th-Aug-2007 12:31 pm (UTC)
i luved it!
29th-Aug-2007 11:22 am (UTC)
It's adorable ♥~ next time I see a shooting star, I know what I'm going to wish for ;) XD *hides*
Just to be sure, because I'm slow like this, actually, each reader IS the girl? So we could all be her right?
29th-Aug-2007 09:55 pm (UTC)
Yes ^_^ Each reader is Hikari 'cause Hikari=YOU

~Every Fangirl's Dream~ HAHHAAH! xD I'm glad you like it!
29th-Aug-2007 12:35 pm (UTC)
It's soooo good xD I looove it !!!
Please write more is too funny! xD
29th-Aug-2007 09:57 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! ^_^ alright, but the next chapter will take a while since school is starting, and I have to write about the most popularly-liked JE members ^_^ soooo if you like Massu, you can pick him, and there is a path where you can end up with him, if you like Tego, the same can happen ^_^
29th-Aug-2007 07:00 pm (UTC)
AHHHHH!!!! write more! write more!
AHHHHH!!!! its making me squeal, ne!
make sure you add Teshi in there ^^
haha its funny how hikari (or me ^^) kissed almost all of the JE guys =) but thats our dream, na? haha!!!

29th-Aug-2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
YEPP ^_^
Yes, Tego will star in it xD I just had to add the JJE people in it, and forgot. Sorry xD
Hahahaha! I'll add him in the next chapter
31st-Aug-2007 02:07 pm (UTC)
I'm enjoying this fic =DD

Looking forward to the next chapter =p

Thank you for writing!!

*goes back dreaming*

ahh~ why is there no shooting star around here at this time? >=[
1st-Sep-2007 07:16 am (UTC)
Haha~! ^_^
I'm glad you liked it
In the next chapter, you get to choose a path ^_^ Sorry if my posts seem noobish, but atleast you get to pick a path to be with one of your favorite JE people ^_^ I can only do a few, so sorry xD
5th-Sep-2007 11:18 pm (UTC)
ahaha that was cute and really interesting i felt like i was in the story waahaha i really enjoyed it so far oooh i hope that Jin would be one of the ending choices!! my god cant wait lol
7th-Sep-2007 12:27 am (UTC)
Yepp ^_^
Jin is! LOL
Lucky you xD
There's Massu, Tego, Ryo, Yamada (just for young people), Yamapi! Hahaha! I think that's about it. I'm....done with Massu, Ryo....AH?! That's it?! I need to keep working! xD I'm halfway done with the rest ^_^ Please wait for the next update ^_^
22nd-Jan-2008 03:58 am (UTC)
Kyah, that is so cute. I wish i was Hikari, although technically i am. But realistically, i'm not >o< XD
Great job.
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